ひとつひとつ個性的な歪みは、ココナッツの実など自然の植物を型どったもの。マットで温かみのある手触りのものは吸水性の高い陶器でできており、色移りを起こしやすい。使用を重ねるごとに、一人一人の生活に根付く色が食器に移り、オリジナルの色合いを持つ食器が生まれる。ドイツ人デザイナー、Jurgen Lehlによる作品。

Natural ceramic
The molds to make these ceramics come from natural seeds such as coconuts, which were drifted away from south eastern islands to Ishigaki Island in Japan. Its clay has a good level of water absorption and the color of the food tends to be transferred to the surface of the product. The more you use the ceramic, it grows to have your own color as a result of your everyday life. Designed by the German designer Johgen Lehl.